November 21st, 2009

just a brother of mine

F for Fictory goes home

А так бывает, да. Горацию велели написать - и написал он:

Of that I shall have also cause to speak,
And from his mouth whose voice will draw on more:
But let this same be presently perform'd,
Even while men's minds are wild, lest more mischance
On plots and errors happen. —

Let four captains
Bear Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage —
And others likewise, four by four by four.
War failed me so instead I gain in rite:
They fell as if in battlefield and I
Inter them all as if I were victorious —
Such is the victory of if's and as's
As if in action when allowed and proper
To gnaw on soil, gulp snow and scull with ears
For food and diet, and for yonder crown
The one that fell itself upon my temples.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot, 'tis therapeutic,
I lost my hearing to this fightless win.
Summon an army, quarrel with my uncles,
Defy all signs, all vows and all agreement —
What for? My lot? I strivéd for a lot
which mattered, but this lot is void of matter.
Our fathers died for this here cause, no crap,
While I had not a chance to go but lippy.
It feels as if a steward gone all nuts
Serves me a plate of cockshead up for dinner
Instead of pork — for having tasted pork
one ends up eating cockshead.
When you come
Awaiting carnage to become immortal
And have to face a bundle of civilians
Arranged in tasteful hecatomb — Incipit
Tragoedia indeed and not words, words.
What is your name, sharp-eyed? I'll call you Horace.
All this you can deliver truly, can't you?
Sit down, drink some. Don't worry, take you time.
Give me the tale. Still better —
Write it down.